About Us

Website Development Cyprus - Web Dev CY is a small run business this means we can afford to under cut our competitors this does not mean that you will get a better service from a big corporate Website Development company, if anything you will be more satisfied and receive a one on one service with us rather than dealing with a big company, that you find will employ a number of different people that have different roles all our developers know how to code at lease in at least 3 languages and also know how to work with multiple platforms, they also know how to create and maintain databases so your websites and hosting run efficiently and smoothly 24/7.

our customer are our priority and we are here to help and keep your website as hassle free as possible so all you have to do is sit back and relax while we take care of everything technical for you.


we also manage about 40 business Website's from the uk 24/7 with zero downtime and all sites running smoothly all our customer have nothing but good things to say about us and are always happy with our pricing.


we like to work on a one on one basis with all our client whether this is via email, whats app, Facebook or so on we use a number of different platforms to communicate with our customers and are here and available 24/7 to help